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Ossoba Studio provides exclusive (unique) logo design service.

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Custom Logo Design

We will create for you an unique logo from scratch. The design conception will combine all of your requirements about the logo and our ability to create recognizable design. The result is unique logo for your company.
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  • We will start with some basic information about your business (what you do), all of your requirements (such as preferred colors, fonts and ideas) and your expectation of how the final logo should look.
  • We design up to 15 logo samples for you to choose from. If you have a choice we can create another 10 variations based on that choice. If you don't like any of the first 15 set we create another set of 15 samples. We do that until we achieved satisfaction with the logo.
  • Except standard images in jpg/png/gif format you will receive high quality original image in psd/ai/cdr file format. We also can provide you with printable version in 300dpi image.
  • The price for logo design service starts from $300.

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Logo Templates

Logo templates are pre-made logo design concepts at low price ($49). The Logo templates are designed as main idea not for particular company. Each pre-made logo template is fully customizable and we can help you with that. All the logos are with one time sell option. The purchased logo will be removed from our catalog as soon as it is sold.

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Logo09 preview
$49 | Details | Buy
Logo04 preview
$49 | Details | Buy
Logo06 preview
$49 | Details | Buy
Logo03 preview
$49 | Details | Buy
Logo07 preview
$49 | Details | Buy

Note: This is a low resolution preview of the actual logo!
The logo you will receive is of high quality and provided with high resolution images without pre-purchase watermark.

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