Frequently Asked Questions

Questions from Our visitors and customers:

Q. What is a web site template?

A. A web template is a pre-build web page(s) with graphics and HTML file(s) that you can use as is, or as the starting point to design your own web pages. A web template is the quick and easy way to get a web site online.

Q. Can I modify the template?

A. Yes you can, because all of our templates come with .psd file. This is a layered picture file, in which every element such as text, logo etc. is put in separate layer for easy editing and manipulation. You are authorized to make any necessary modification(s) to our products, to fit your needs.

Q. What picture program do I need to edit the template?

A. The programs that you can use to edit .psd file is Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks or other program that can open .psd file.

Q. What programs can I edit the HTML file(s) with?

A. You can use any main HTML editor to edit the templates, such as Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage, or Adobe GoLive.

Q. Can I sell a web site built with one of your free templates?

A. Yes, if the design label is preserved. The free templates contain a visible hyperlink to that you are not allowed to remove.

Q. Can I sell your free templates?

A. No! You don't have rights to sell our free templates to your clients.

Q. Could I offer your free templates on my web site?

A. Yes, but first you must contact us.

Q. If I purchase a premium web site template, can I remove the "designed by..." link/reference?

A. Yes, you can remove the link/reference after purchasing. We do not oblige you to keep the link to our site.

Q. What should I expect to receive from Ossoba Studio when my purchase is authorized?

A. You will receive an archive (ZIP) file containing the template with its appropriate structure ready to be published (unpackaged) at your desired location. The ZIP file includes HTML file, JPEG/GIF images, Adobe® Photoshop® PSD file.


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